Physiotherapy Electrical Stimulation Muscle Therapy Pain Relief

A portable TENS machine with four-channel units enables you to treat four different areas of your body or to use at most ten pads at the same time. TENS device helps reduce pain and muscle tension caused by a wide range of conditions like nerve pain, joint pain, period pain, neck pain, back pain, knee pain, sports injuries. Equipped with six massage modes and 20 adjustable intensities enable you to find a model that works best for you and your pain level.

Operating Introduction
(1) Insert the output line to the electrode TENS pad.
(2) Plug the output cable into the output port of the controller.
(3) Remove the protective film from the pad.
(Warning: Do not connect the two electrode pads directly during use to avoid short circuits.
(4) Put a pad on the body parts that are to be massaged. You need to use two electrode pads at the same time. Otherwise, the device will not work.
(5) Switch button to “ON,” the screen displays, and the first icon starts to flash. Button “T” is to switch the time setting. The device defaults to shut off automatically after 20 minutes.
(6) There are six icons on display, press the button M” to switch modes between them. When you switch to another mode, the intensity will automatically return to the lowest point.
(7) Press the button *+” to increase the output power, press the button “-” to decrease.
(8) Press button * 9 ” to increase the time, increase 10 minutes by once press. The device will shut off when the set time is over.
(9) If you need to turn off the device during the massage, please turn the switch to “OFF.”
*Note: Do not use the TENS unit on your eyes, mouth, face, the side of your neck, any area of the throat, or across your heart. Do not use if you have or use heart disease, epilepsy, Muscle strain or atrophy, Abdominal or inguinal Hermia, etc. Do not use Pregnancy and Cancer that has been diagnosed.
Tens Unit combines 12 necessary massage methods and 20 adjustable intensities to help relax sore and aching muscles and relieve body pains like back/neck/knee pain, period pain, arthritis, sports injuries. Is the best non-invasive choice for Relieving Pain。
The device is very portable, easy to take with you to wherever you need it? At home, at the office, or on a trip. And every TENS Unit comes with lifetime customer support from Morspilot.
This device is charged with a micro USB and no worrying about disposable batteries. Simply plug in the USB charger when the low-battery light turns on, and it will be ready to use soon.
Health Concern: Back Pain

Packing List
1 x Digital TENS Machine
1 x Armband
1 x User Manual
1 x Wire Board
3x Electrode TENS Pad (S)/(M)/(L)
1 x USB Cable
3 x Electrode Leads
Product number: SM9128
Working Voltage:3.7V
Output Current:0.1-80mAh
Intensity Levels:20

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