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Battery & Charger

Pick up all of your rechargeable batteries here at Keenstone! From NiMH Airsoft Batteries to Rechargeable Arlo Batteries, we carry a variety of batteries to match your needs. We also provide all types of non-rechargeable batteries for your everyday electronics, including remote controllers and toys. Do you have a specialty item that needs a battery? We are fully stocked with camera batteries and even Roomba vacuum batteries!

We can’t carry batteries and forget about the chargers! We understand that some electronics have chargers that can be difficult to replace. As such, we carry a wide selection of specialty chargers, including drone battery chargers. Do you find yourself losing your chargers or getting confused about which charger to use? Check out our selection of smart universal chargers specifically designed for your convenience.

If you already have a large number of chargers lying around, we’ve got your back! The battery organizer storage case is perfect for organizing chargers and keeping them in an easy-to-find location.

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