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Pet Supplies

Keep your pets safe in the car and in public with portable pet bags, folding fabric pet carriers, dog travel rear car seat covers, and more! Having a dog loose in the car or in public can be distracting and dangerous to everyone involved. That’s why we highly recommend products such as the Morpilot pet travel carrier bag and even the breathable pet carrier backpack.

Here at Keentone, we are committed to making potty training and grooming your pet as convenient as possible. As such, we carry highly-reviewed pet training mats, large pet pooper scoopers, as well as pet grooming brushes. Do you have a dog that constantly sheds? Check out the deshedding dog brush to take care of all that extra fluff!

We can’t forget about our cat people, now can we? Make your trip to the vet more peaceful with the universal pet travel carrier suitable for both cats and dogs! Did you know that most cats have the instinct to only drink running water? Keep your cat away from the sinks by giving them their very own cat water fountain. Check out these pet supply items, plus more!